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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Dec 15, 2017

Coming to you live for a one of a kind episode with local reggae band The Riddims! The Riddims consist of Myles Chavez-Vocals/Lead Guitar, Donovan Ortiz-Rhythm guitar, Petey Gabaldon-Keys/Percussion, Tony Gallegos-Bass and Kevin Sanchez on drums. Formed in 2013 The Riddims have gained popularity in the local music scene as well as the Southwest region playing shows and touring showcasing what is now called High Desert Reggae. In this episode we sit down with the band and are treated with tales from the road, the struggles of a local band and how their one of a kind sound was influenced by music of their generation. This episode was very unique as we were able to sit in on a practice session and experience High Desert Reggae in its rawest form a true blue garage jam. Stay tuned to APOB Media’s social media and other outlets as we release exclusive footage live and in your face with The Riddims. You can find the Riddims here: FaceBook: Soundcloud: Instagram: