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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Jan 12, 2018

APOB Media is proud to present Corey Walker. Corey is Speech Language Pathologist working at a very unique facility aptly named Chatterbox. Corey is also the administrator for a well known Facebook page called NM Life. Recently Corey revealed through NM Life the passion he has for helping people, the love he has for speech, and its effects on everyday life. Not to mention the life long impacts it truly holds. In this episode we find ourselves amongst the books inside of Corey’s office where he is a Speech Language Pathologist for Chatterbox. We can’t help but to try and portray the ambiance that this place portrayed. A fireplace, the smell of coffee, walking over hardwood floors surrounded by books. It was with great gratification that we were able to chat with Corey about his groundbreaking apps that aid children as well as parents in Speech Language Pathology. Corey gives us his story on his humble beginnings and how NM Life came to life. You can find NM Life and Corey’s websites here: NM Life Facebook: Chatterbox Facebook: Corey’s App Website: