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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Jan 26, 2018

APOB Media is happy to have Music Made Entertainment on the newest episode. Today we sat down with rap artist The Real KB (Kristyn Barela) and rap artist/engineer Gilly Soul (Gilbert Tafoya). Both are local New Mexicans thriving on the local rap/hip scene in Albuquerque. With original tunes, videos, and even a clothing line they are in the pursuit of greatness and have no intentions of stopping. Recorded in Albuquerque we chat with the duo about the origins of their music and how they got started. Throughout the conversation we touch on their style, song, structure, and writing process. Tune in for an inside look into the lives of two up and coming rap artists and their journey to the top. Stay tuned after the episode for the song “Demons” by Gilly Soul and The Real KB produced by The Union Beats. You can find Music Made Entertainment and both artists here: