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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Apr 16, 2018

An interview with Freddy Contreras a multiple New Mexico state record holder in power-lifting, father and cannabis industry employee. We talk what it takes to lift 500+ pounds in nutrition, training, and life. Keeping up with thousands of calories a day to reach peak physical form and execution on competition day. Freddy’s a cannabis industry employee, medical cannabis card holder in the state of New Mexico and advocate of Medicinal cannabis use in athletics. Listen to Freddy dish like a proper demi-god on what he does best and me try to grasp what it takes to survive a 700+ pound squat! Subscribe to A Perch of Birds Podcast and follow Freddy on his social media links below! IG: FB: - - - SUBSCRIBE and SHARE - iTunes reviews get stickers! - Send screenshots to: with your address! Cheers!