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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


May 18, 2018

Have you ever ran over 26 Miles in less than 3 hours? Have you ever ran, biked and swam over 50 miles at once? Our latest guest to humble us with his knowledge and wisdom is Jeremey King 2 time Ironman All World Athlete - 2019 Boston Marathon qualifier - and certified USATF Level Track Certified coach, This bad dude dives into his epic 24/7 training and diet regimine, how to go from couch to 5k without hurting yourself and the nutrition it takes to achieve your fitness goals. We riff on gear and how to get properly fitted for running shoes which is crazy important when starting to train for any running distance. Lookup and follow Jeremey on Strava the fitness app and we will anounce his new website once its launched soon. Voiceover Credits: Mathew Crowder, Sloan Shaffer, Max Weihe. Commercial music by Chris Graves. Commercial script by Max Weihe. SUBSCRIBE and SHARE - Thank you guys for listening!