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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Oct 22, 2018

31 - A Perch of Birds - Bob Myers W/ The International Rattlesnake Museum

Rattlesnakes, their mythos, their reality and their beauty. We sit down with the amazing Bob Meyers with the Rattlesnake Museum in Albuquerque's famous Old town district. Bob's ran a beautiful, educational and very eclectic museum to showcase, entertain and educate the masses of the world. We talk about the ins and outs of rattlesnake's their husbandry, behavior, and even their misleading legends that we attempt to debunk and set straight in the podcast. We are on location at the beautiful Rattlesnake Museum itself sitting amongst 30+ rattlesnakes that Bob expertly cares for alongside many amazing exhibits like a full size Hippo skull, a shrine to the great Crocodile Hunter himself, and even a wall of Rattlesnake or reptile themed beverages and much much more. Show Notes: - 02:00 Where is this place? (Spoiler alert: Old Town Albuquerque) - 05:00 Largest rattlesnakes.

08:00 If bitten?

13:00 Which type is more potent?

16:30 Antivenin.

24:00 Don't mess with the Crotalus.

26:00 Dry Bites.

28:00 What to do in the event of a bite.

33:30 Do Rattlesnakes have live babies?

36:00 Rattlesnake diet?

40:30 Snake Husbandry.

43:00 What types of Rattlers do we have in New Mexico and where?

48:00 Where do rattlesnakes live?

52:00 Between the eyes?!

56:00 Conservation.

1:00 Jeff Corwin.

1:02 Herpetological Society.

1:06 Why does a Rattlesnake have a rattler?

1:15 Who can you contact if you find a rattlesnake?

1:24 Rumba? A Quiver?

1:26 Bobs other conservation efforts out of the museum.