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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Dec 10, 2018

Brent Allen Hagel is a self made mostly self taught voice over artist with humble origins and a warriors work ethic. This dude created a business out of literally nothing in a town that is notorious for eating would be artists and dream seekers. The 'Bruce Willis' of Voice Acting as I like to call him joins me on the cast to talk all things voice acting technical side, industry side, and the passion that you have to have to work in in such a niche industry and be able to survive. Brent recently acquired international and best in the business representation using his signature sound and plethora of success's he has built on for the last 10 years in voice acting. You can find Brent on his site: and the amazing collaborative business he created with some of the best in the business at Get cozy with us and hear the exciting story of a man truly pursuing greatness!

-1:00 Origins
-4:00 ADR
-8:00 Character Work
-13:00 Early Work
-15:00 Hard Work
-19:00 Trailer Voice Artists
-24:00 Representation
-30:00 Royalties
-34:00 Modern voice over
-36:00 Building Voice Trailer Artists
-40:00 Rising Together
-44:00 Entrepeneurial Drive
-47:00 Working to perfect the craft
-50:00 Mel Blanc
-54:00 What it takes, never giving up
-56:00 Nothing comes easy
-59:00 Where to find and contact Brent - IG - @aperchofbirdsmedia - Twitter - @apobmedia -