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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Jan 21, 2019

APOB podcast episode #33 w/ Patrick Ryan II a Fitness Professional

Step inside the mind of modern physical fitness with one of its greatest teachers. Patrick is a career Fitness professional working to create a fluid personal training system with Aware training his online and in person training business. This man brings the passion and spirituality to wellness. We cover everything from exercise regimen, diet, habits, being present and taking stock of your relationships and personal circles and mainstream diet fads and sports. Pat changed what I thought I knew about working to achieve the best me spiritually and physically. Make sure to take notes and if so inclined reach out to my man at his site:


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- 02:00 Origins getting into fitness

- 08:00 Culture

- 15:00 An investment in myself

- 20:00 Pats style of fitness

- 26:00 Mindfulness and Habits

- 31:00 Aware training

- 40:00 Be able to pivot

- 45:00 Tangible elements in training

- 55:00 Diet and its habits

- 56:00 Your five closest friends

- 1:03  Take a self assessment, distractions

- 1:10  Cutting the distractions

- 1:20  Pills and powders

- 1:30  Diets, steroids and understanding

- 1:35  Crossfit and similar for life

- 1:40  How to contact