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Feb 4, 2019

Esports is a digital sport played professionally all around the world, it's a phenomenon years in the making. We sit down with UNM Esports program adviser Mr.Bernardo Gallegos talking about the steady buildup of University of New Mexico's soon to be official Esports team showing off NM's talent in the collegiate circuit. We peruse the annals of gaming evolution and talk about the cutting edge and future of gaming across the board. Show notes and how to get in contact with Bernardo below, hope you guys enjoy this one keep pursuing greatness!


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- 1:00 United Nations and gorilla podcasting
- 4:00 What is esports all about
- 11:00 Halo, Dreamcast and LAN Parties
- 13:00 UNM Esports
- 17:00 New generations and opportunities
- 18:00 Strategy, scoring, League of Legends
- 23:00 The NACE organization
- 28:00 Recruiting & Scholarships
- 34:00 Michael Jordan and 10,000 hours
- 39:00 Esports fight camps
- 43:00 Vive (VR) in healthcare
- 47:00 Corporate buy-in
- 53:00 Battlefield and Call of Duty
- 57:00 Virtual Reality eSports
- 01:03 Overwatch Leagues
- 01:07 Cheating in Esports
- 01:11 NMAA High School eSports
- 01:16 Olympic Esports
- 01:19 New Mexicos future
- 01:24 How to get a hold of Bernardo and the UNM Esports team

Bernardo and UNM Esports organization contact info:
Contact and sites -

UNM Esports -
Facebook: UNM Esports
Instagram: unmesports
Twitter: @UNMEsports (gamers can give back too)

Personal -
Twitter: @_omniprime
Insta: _omniprime

New Mexico Activities Association (NM high schools)

Support the podcast: