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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Mar 4, 2019

David Speed is on episode #36 coming to us straight from the United Kingdom in London via the interwebs. David is a professional graffiti artist and now runs a world renown Graffiti company called Graffiti Life which you can find a their beautiful site David and his partners have created artwork for Vice, Nike, Disney and many high level clients and are seen as  some of the best in the industry.Find everything David and his team are doing at their site on instagram @graffiti_life and Twitter @graffiti_life. Also check out Davids podcast we talk about in the show called Creative rebels at


- 2:00 What is a professional graffiti artist?

- 4:00 Risks, missions and prison.

- 8:00 Butlers, Jedis and apprentices

- 9:00 Where and when did the Graffiti movement start?

- 14:00 90's Graffiti in London

- 16:00 Getting paid by the same people that once chased him.

- 19:30 VR and Virtual Art

- 25:00 Banksy

- 26:00 DismaLand 'The Worst Theme Park in The World'

- 31:00 Meow Wolf and broken schools

- 36:30 Following your dreams

- 39:00 Practice, podcasting and the magic number of 10,000

- 42:00 Properly launching a podcast

- 48:00 Creative Rebels Davids amazing podcast

- 52:00 'Sorry my landlord doesn't except exposure'


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Davids Podcast -


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