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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Apr 30, 2019

Brian Gray a man of many talents a firefighter, artist, hunter, outdoorsman, amateur taxidermist father and husband joins us on the podcast talking all things hunting in New Mexico. Brian is the co founder of Spot2Stalk a great hunting group on Facebook and Instagram as well as the groups podcast called On The Game Trail podcast which you can find anywhere you get podcasts. Brian and his co founders of Spot2Stalk are also pro staff for the worldwide hunting brand Onca Gear. And somehow in their spare time they run a group called NMTrailCams.  We dish on all things hunting from all types of animals you can encounter and hunt in New Mexico, trapping, and best practices. How to apply for the tag lottery draw, what to put in for and where, how to gear up for hunting and much much more.


- 2:00 Brians first hunt

- 5:40 Hunting in New Mexico

- 8:00 Oryx balls and the once in a lifetime hunt

- 11:00 Ibex hunting and rock climbers

- 14:00 Brown bear eating hunting

- 16:00 Mountain Lions

- 19:00 Trapping and trapping things you may not want to

- 23:00 Feral pigs and Javelina

- 25:00 Shooting in Self Defense

- 30:00 Close encounters with bears

- 35:00 Coyote hunting truths and controversy

- 40:00 Jackrabbit and Cottontail eating

- 42:00 What hunting does for the environment and the state

- 48:00 Field dressing and transporting storing fresh meat

- 51:00 Choosing what units to put in for hunting tags

- 52:00 Types of weaponry to choose to hunt with

- 54:00 Gear for hunting is a lot like backpacking

- 57:00 Scouting and glassing

- 1:01:00 Fitness for hunting

- 1:08:00 HECS body electricity and scent blocking gear

- 1:12:00 Hunting do's and don'ts

- 1:18:00 Skinning without gutting

- 1:21:00 Hunters Safety

- 1:23:00 Where to get all of the NM info at the website

- 1:24:00 Deers and the 'Zombie' disease or 'Wasting Disease' and Triagnosys

- 1:32:00 Attempting to put in for a hunt draw for 2019-2020 season

- 1:34:00 Getting all of the licenses you need

- 1:36:00 Poaching and illegally fishing

- 1:38:00 Hunting small game

- 1:44:00 Roundabout costs of putting in for the draw and costing a hunting trip

- 1:46:00 Year round huntable animals

- 1:52:00 How to score racks on bulls

- 1:55:00 Hunting out of state

- 1:59:00 Exotic hunting lions, giraffes, zebra etc.

- 2:04:00 Helicopter and machine gun hunting

- 2:07:00 Onca Gear and what its all about


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