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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


May 28, 2019

Edgar joins us today talking about his family business him and his family have poured their lives into, the amazing New Mexico restaurant Mariscos Altamar. Were on location in the Los Lunas location of Mariscos talking about how a family business works from the inside, how the service industry is unpredictable and what it takes to become the best in your niche. Edgar is a humble dude breaking down what led to his success and where he plans to aim his abilities as an entrepreneur next.  


- 3:00 Edgars beginnings as an entrepreneur


- 6:00 Let's open a second location  (Pull 60 second audio)


- 10:00 Success is never for sure


- 14:00 The all important food and how it came to be and how Edgar changed it.


- 18:00 Gordon Ramsey's take on Mariscos New Mexican cuisine.


- 24:00 Innovation from traveling, life experiences, and just plain luck.


- 31:00 What are you doing to stay healthy?


- 35:00 Running and working hard.


- 38:00 Recovery and gratefulness


- 40:00:00 Running and success run hand in hand.


- 45:00 The future


- 48:00 Mariscos Altamar on Social Media and the interwebs.


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