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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Jul 1, 2019

Ep. 42 Patrick Ryan II professional fitness trainer joins us again! We dive into his hybrid fitness and lifestyle company Aware Training. We try to pull apart some of the more dealt with issues he coaches his clients through. 

Reach out to Patrick on his website Http://

- 4:00 Shame in its many forms

- 7:00 Falling back phase

- 11:00 Going in depth

- 20:00 Not wanting to workout

- 24:00 4 Different options of movement

- 27:00 Go outside

- 40:00 Referring to treat clients correctly

- 45:00 Aware Training

- 50:00 A greater network of support

- 51:00 What training at this level consists of

- 1:00:00 How to get ahold of Patrick

- 1:04:00 Going outside and being responsible

- 1:15:00 Social media and wellness

- 1:20:00 Wall-E and being mindful

- 1:25:00 Missing the trees blowing in the wind...

- 1:35:00 Planting your own flag

Whats it take to really be mentally and physically fit? A deep dive into understanding lifetime fulfillment starting with enjoying that meal your eating.