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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Aug 24, 2020

Episode #45 - Vicente Griego is a New Mexico Flamenco vocalist and artist that has an amazing and otherworldly sound that comes from the heart of his heritage. He’s a stellar human being with a deep understanding of the world and culture around him. We chat on his childhood and his experiences in New Mexico, touring and his current work with kids teaching and developing their musical skills. The man is a living legend, hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Go out and support Vicente and ReVoZo his band links below.


Vicente's site-->


Vicente and ReVoZo YouTube Channel→


Show Notes:


08:00 Handling differences

14:00 “New Englanders”

24:00 Imposter Syndrome

31:00 What is ReVoZo?

36:00 Roots of Flamenco

41:00 Privilege in the arts and the resistance of ‘Burque’

48:00 Jazz in Tokyo

55:00 Standards

1:00:00 Your Alive!

1:08:00 Remembering your legacy

1:12:00 Zoot-suit riots and the birth of low-riders

1:20:00 Transcend the human condition

1:36:00 Working with the greats 

1:40:00 Working with New Mexico's future musicians

1:44:00 Voices and microphones

1:48:00 Alex Krebs Quartet Vicente Griego Link →

1:51:00 “You are rich for what you give not what you have”