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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Oct 26, 2020

The man the myth the legend Patrick Ryan II is back and dropping some of that Jedi knowledge in health and wellness. We focused on Mental health funny enough on Mental health day along with other shiny gold nuggets of wisdom to help us all in this unprecedented time. We talk about exercise at home, Covid and its many ripples we feel in all of our lives and its widespread affect on our mental health and actionable tools to put in your medicine cabinet. This one is a great one to listen to if you need a pick me up or maybe just some ideas to get you thinking about your own mental health more honestly. Make sure to check out Aware Training Online Pat’s amazing program which is basically to make a better version of yourself for yourself. I hope you guys enjoyed this one, stay tuned as I’ve always got more episodes coming fam, stay safe out there and happy halloween!

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