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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


May 28, 2021

53 - Hip$ta is the epitome of a New Mexican and at that a New Mexican musician. A dyed in the wool rapper, which I personally have seen this man onstage spitting that bar saavy goodness, at parties battle rapping and also his recorded works which are lengthy and lyrically deep. Jordan raps from his heart and from his passion about his life and his upbringing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We delve into all things music, we play the debut of Hip$ta’s banger Red Zia Symbol in the podcast. Catch Jordans DOUBLE album with over 30+ songs releasing May 28 2021 on all major music streaming platforms.
04:00 Action B. is the way.
06:00 Jay-Z and Kanye West Cell phone gospel.
10:00 RIP Mac Miller.
15:00 Shoutout to Achspire.
20:00 Imposter syndrome on the microphone.
28:00 Hip$ta Double album.
35:00 Leaving what you love and returning twice as strong… with a cool mustache.
44:00 Manifesting pain into music.
53:00 Becky with the good hair.
01:00:00 The cypher that brought out Hip$ta and the double album.
01:13:00 Red Zia Symbol DEBUT!!!!
01:19:00 Polymath and remixes.
01:23:00 Hip$ta Freestyle on the hot mic!
01:30:00 Passion and heart in an album.
01:33:00 Decisions on Emotions
01:40:00 The Riddims and other ABQ artists doing it.
01:44:00 Like ships on the sea we rise together.