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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Mar 1, 2021

Andrew Nez is a licensed Massage Therapist in Albuquerque New Mexico. He joins Patrick Ryan II and I to talk about his practice at Aurora Sky Massage. We talk about his path to becoming a massage therapist and business owner. We talk about the philosophy of exercise and recovery while getting nothing but honest truths these two gentlemen drop on commonly held fitness advice. Patrick can be found at, hit him up to start working towards your health goals. Andrew is the man you see to move forward your recovery from injury and release that tension from living your life and its many physical demands. You can Google Andrew and his business Aurora Sky Massage or visit him and schedule an appointment today at

- 6:00 Knowledge gaps between Medical care and Massage Therapy.

- 8:00 Reframing massage therapy.

- 13:00 Cost of care,

- 16:50 Creating a holistic approach to staying in shape.

- 19:00 Real world criticism makes a humble man.

- 23:00 Movement Patterns and form.

- 28:00 Traditional workouts, traditional outcomes

- 30:00 Moving for the future.

- 35:00 Experience is the best teacher.

- 40:00 Using massage as a preventative injury tool.

- 42:00 Letting your ego go.

- 45:00 Powerful therapy, real therapy makes a difference, not big box fluff.

- 47:00 Touching people, touching lives.

- 51:00 Spiritual and physical care.

- 55:00 Throwing out bad habits for the client and sorting through misinformation

- 01:00:00 Creating a path for total care.

- 01:03:00 Learning and growing your reasons for working hard in the gym.

- 01:07:00 Crying and feeling are a part of all of us.

- 01:10:00 Feeling the stress, feeling the feels.

- 01:13:00 What is a knot?

- 01:18:00 Twisting the spiderweb

- 01:23:00 How to recognize a legitimate massage parlor.

- 01:25:00 Contacting Andrew - 505-355-8907

- 01:27:00 Find Pat at