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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Dec 1, 2017

APOB is happy to bring you Joshua Goodearth! Joshua is a hip artist/rapper that brings you a musical flavor that represents Josh’s struggles, philosophy, and a straight up message that will resonate with people of all walks of life. Joshua’s talents don’t stop there as he is also a local artist that creates one of a kind wire wrap jewelry. Unique pieces of art that capture the eye and emanate his passion for what we creates. This episode Josh takes us through his musical transformation as well as details how he got into creating his one of a kind jewelry. This conversation takes us through a plethora of topics from music, religion, to MMA. As a special treat stay tuned after the podcast as APOB Media is happy to present you Josh’s latest song “I Don’t Know” Feat.Croz Prod. by Altitude. You can find Joshua GoodEarth here: FaceBook Joshua GoodEarth : FaceBook GoodEarth Jewelry Design: Find his music on Soundcloud: