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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Aug 13, 2018

A Perch Of Birds Podcast Episode #27

A New Mexico Media Creator with Pueblo roots. Listen as we talk about the current state of affairs in media in New Mexico and media in its many beautiful pueblo nations. Jonathans a veteran film maker, leader, father and teacher. 

Show Notes:

- Edited on the first final cut & media 100

- Created No Reservations Media production company

- Some goings on behind the scenes in newsrooms

- Acoma Pueblo Native one of the oldest inhabited communities in the world

- We talk about the dichotomy of his career and his heritage

- 24:00 Some light shed on the origins of the Zia symbol New Mexico uses for its state flag.

- 27:00 Outsiders not respecting cultural boundaries

- 34:00 First Nation differences and opportunities

-36:30 A nod to Mr. Anthony Bourdain

- 39:00 Synyster Vale Video a true piece of art

- 50:00 Working as a full time film-maker

- 52:00 Shooting stills for the first lady and event photography

- 56:00 Using a masters to to take his stories to the big screen

- 1:06:00 Pueblo communities warming up to media and Jonathans film festivals

- 1:14:00 Looking to the future a Zia symbol film project Jonathan is building

Jonathans Site: - -

APOB - Episode #27