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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Oct 8, 2018

Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness - A Perch of Birds Presents Podcast Episode #29 with Loe Vale Conscious Hip-Hop Artist


Loe Vale is a Florida based Hip-Hop artist bringing conscious rap - a unique blend of reality - hip-hop roots and faith in being you and believing in your faith whatever it is. Loe’s got a special treat dropped in the podcast, Loe shared a fresh track he built for an upcoming project so make sure you look out for that somewhere in the cast!


How to find the man on the inter-webs:




Loe's Facebook page at:


And his instagram:


Loe did an amazing rendition of Ole Ole for the 2018 world cup you can check out that video and all his other works on his Youtube channel make sure you check that out and subscribe


Show Notes -

- 5:00 Conscious hip-hop

- 10:00 Mumble rap

- 13:00 The studio in the castle

- 18:00 The Glasshouse

- 24:00 The value of an album

- 25:00 Whats next for Loe Vale

- 30:00 Haters gonna hate

- 34:00 Omnigod

- 36:00 **EXCLUSIVE NEW Low Vale track 'The Don't Know' you heard first on APOB!**

- 41:00 Health, diet and wellness in a hectic world

- 44:00 The reality of Social Media