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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness


Apr 15, 2019

Rakim Thorpe and Devin Clarke are MMA fighters training out of Jacksons Wink professional MMA gym in Albuquerque New Mexico. Devin is a pro UFC fighter with a standing record of 9-3 fights this Saturday April 20th in Russia and Rakim just came off his latest win with a record of 6-3. We talk what it takes to be a pro fighter, diet, training, lifestyle and what sacrifices it takes to be a warrior in the modern era from cutting weight to living and breathing fighting like most of us do our 9-5 jobs. Don't miss Devins next fight This Saturday April 20th and follow him and Rakim on social media: Devin @brownbearufc and Rakim @1Rakim

- 2:00 Training in Albuquerque
- 8:00 Cutting weight for fighting
- 12:00 Fighting origins
- 16:00 Bull rides and MMA Fights
- 20:00 Licensed weapons
- 23:00 Fighting in Hollywood
- 29:00 Pro versus amateur
- 34:00 Head injuries
- 39:00 Knockouts
- 43:00 Weight training for fighting
- 48:00 Supplements
- 52:00 Sleep
- 55:00 Drinking or letting loose
- 59:00 Advice for those looking to get into MMA